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2 years ago


This happened last week, I recently started a man who is trying for some reason, the fact that he was gay I always work, I had to guess half the way, never has twice took all the pretty girls and always has a certain, said his uporn companion, who finally just asked about, and they were good friends and I thought it would be in the air, uporn and could relax when he talks about things he said last night, uporn etc, but was stunned I'm fine with it is, and even met his partner. A week ago my girlfriend went to work, and I promised to renew, while she was away, I struggled for 2 days, uporn but when I saw I was not 't uporn do it all before uporn she uporn returned I asked my colleague if he could give a hand of Craig peeling wallpaper on the walls, which was minor and hard work, voted without any problem and said he would come to me at a later date. was busy milling, when I heard the door and fell to uporn Craig to find, I bought Jay together, he uporn satid, the more hands the better, great, the two of them were great, I said, we all have work in hand, they managed to remove the rest of the old wallpaper in about two hours, just days, Craig said Jay some chips is achieved, and walked away, returned 10 minutes later with chips each and a couple of beers when we sat down, he said, the homosexual act that you do not, they act more like friends to each other, Craig He laughed : "We are friends, we love cock sucking eachothers " both laughed, I shook my head and finished my bearings. When we were working, I started thinking about how they slept together and who did what, at the end of the night they had done everything possible, and I had a couple of beers in me now, as he sat there, I asked, Craig said he really want to know? Jay was ahead, he is the man, and I 'm the girl. I did not get what he meant, but soon realized, but I like both each other and suck all the rest ? Yes, said Craig, Jay offers the best blowjobs in the world, I know I have enough s With this I am always a little on and went bright red felt, had only a pair of loose sweatpants and obviously, Jay immediately realized, oh, I think he has a semi -hard, I was surprised he had not noticed, haha, I have admired throughout the night in baggy pants said that things still worse, and before I knew I found a full hard, Jay and sit beside me for a closer look, as if uporn wondering whether the idea has the best blow job in the world in this state I and before answer, rub out his hand and rubs against my pants a couple of times and then slid his hand down my pants experts, shorts only in my boxer and put my balls, Craig made ​​me sit in Smilng, I looked and it looked a little surprised, " said enjoy Jay gave me a great hand job, I could see throughhis stroke, he was, I sweat pants down and raised Boox of my cock and my ass i instinctivly waitresses a little and I knew he was naked from the waist down was my hard Ragin Jay looked at me, smiled, and then reached down and took me in his mouth, the feeling was incredible, it was me withn deepthoating effort and I'm not small, his hands were up and down his chest and belly, and close my eyes and leaned back \\ \\ n After a few minutes, I felt closer to cumming, I put myself to say anything and Craig had moved and sucks Jay 's big cock, it made ​​it worse, and let out a sigh, I Jay gave the eggs and it was all deep in me, knew what he was running - I exploded in his mouth and let every drop when i kissed my throbbing cock up and down the shaft. Craig stopped sucking and said " I want to fuck Jay, to do something about it, 'I said go for it, and he did, quickly behind Jay was investigatingknow his uporn big cock in the hole Jay, i Is not 't know what to do at this point, but extended his hand and blows hard cock Jays beat him noc behind Craig
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